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Top Android Secrets

Factory data reset
Settings > Backup & reset > Factory data reset > Reset phone > Type 4 numbers after "Please type" > Erase everything

Read carefully before install new Apps
Do not click to choice "Use your Google Account to backup ..." and "Keep me up to date..."

Note whenever enable location

Add ringtone to SMS

Boost your battery
Do not use much widgets
Settings > Lock screen > Off Quick access, what's next widget, instant camera

Vibrate only, do not use ringtone


Turn on "Ultra-saving mode"
Power management > Power saver > On "Ultra-saving mode"

Decrease your sleep time
Settings > Display > Sleep > 30s

Do not show battery percentage
Settings > Battery > Show battery percentage

Use default language only

Disable the SIM that you do not use

Do not sync data

Enable Developer options
Settings > About > Software information > Build number > Click 7 times

Safety remove your card

Airplane Mode
TIP1: You can Enable Airplane mode to charge your battery faster.
TIP2: If you Turn on Airplane mode, you can play game without ADs.

Zenfone TIPs_Airplane_Mode_K3Lvinmitnick.com_

Use Calculator to Test your Mobile hardware
Open Calculator, press .12345 + = ( with Zenfone )

Zenfone test TIPs_K3Lvinmitnick.com_

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