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Access blocked websites with Google Docs

Google Docs Fetch URL Tool that sends you the full length screenshot of the webpage remotely via an email. All you need to do is to send an email to your Gmail account mentioning the blocked URL. You will get back an email containing screenshot of the page. So, why a tool for this. Can’t we directly use online screen capture tools for this? As far as I tested out most of the tools pass the URL in address as query string to generate the screenshot because of which it is instantly blocked by filters whenever the request is made. But since this tool processes your request on server side(Google Doc servers) it is not blocked. It should just work fine unless there is an email filter in place that block emails based on keywords.

1. Login to Google Docs.

2. Click here to make a copy of the GD Fetch URL sheet. Click Yes, make a copy.

3. Wait for few seconds for the menu GD Fetch URL to appear next to help menu.

4. Select Start Service. Click OK, click Grant access in the big authorization notification that comes up. Finally press the close button. Once again select start service from the menu. Now it’s up and running.

5. Preferably complete the above steps from your home PC because Google Docs might be blocked as well. Now on to access blocked URL’s, send an email to your Gmail account which you used to login into Google Docs from any mail account for example it could be your company id. I.e. Send from [email protected] to [email protected] with subject in the below format, body can be empty.

gdfetchurl http://www.blockedsite.com/blockedpage.html

Note: It is mandatory that you provide full address including http or https.

6. Wait for sometime. You will be getting an email containing screenshot of the page to the mail id from which you sent request. I.e: [email protected]

7. When you want to turn off the service, select Stop Service from the menu.

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