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Completed youtube's copyright

  1. If I intentionally file a false notice of alleged copyright infringement against a YouTube video (just for fun, or to cause trouble), I could be found liable for any damages caused.
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    Abuse of the copyright process is taken very seriously. The law allows users harmed by fraudulent copyright notices to sue the claimant for damages.
  2. It is impossible for a remix or mashup to infringe copyright.
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    Remixes and mashups can be considered derivative works under the law, and you may need permission from the original content creator to remix or mashup their content. Not all remixes are protected by fair use.
  3. If a video gets removed because of a copyright infringement notification, filing a counter-notification is the only possible way to restore the video.
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    You may reach out to content owners and come to an agreement that they will retract their claim of copyright infringement. Should a claimant contact YouTube directly with a retraction, YouTube will be able to reinstate video content almost immediately.
  4. If content is available on the Internet, it is in the public domain and therefore okay to upload to YouTube.
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    Just because something is available on the Internet does not mean that it is in the public domain.

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