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HotFile Account suspended

Account suspended

We're sorry to inform you that your account has been suspended. You should've received an e-mail with more information about the situation.
Reason for suspend: Terms of Service Violation - Repeated Copyright Infrindgement

Your account has been terminated due to repeated copyright infringement violations.


We are writing this letter to inform you that your account is suspended due to detected suspicious activities, including, but not limited to:

- Credit card Fraud / Fake payments
- Cheating HotFile downloads
- Sharing premium account information
- Multiple IP downloads
- Hacking attempts
- PayPal investigation

All mentioned activities are in violation of our Terms and Conditions.

We are investigating and monitoring your account and you will be able to use it again if we deciede your case don't violate our Terms of Service. Otherwise your account will remains suspended.

Abuse Dep.

- Because of DMCA
- Do not try to upload (reupload) deleted files. E.g: Do not upload windows crack (Windows 7 Loader), HD Film (Kung Fu Panda 2) or something like that
- So, you must create a new Account and upload by "Remote Upload"
- Or Do not use Hotfile, use FileSonic, Wupload, FileServe
P/S: Try to contact Hotfile, may be your account will refuned.

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