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Upload to Sharing hosts with FTP

1) FileServe.com: Free 1-Click File Hosting

2) Hotfile.com: One click file hosting
user: your hotfile username
pass: your hotfile password
You can upload and make folders, but cant rename,move files

3) FileSonic.com: The next generation of file storage

Use the following credentials to log in

Hostname (US): ftp.us.filesonic.com
Hostname (EU): ftp.eu.filesonic.com
Username: [email protected]
Password: Your FileSonic.com Password
Based on your location, we recommend that you use ftp.eu.filesonic.com

Information about FileSonic FTP:

  • In order to use the new FileSonic.com FTP upload feature you must first have an FTP client software installed and configured on your system such as FileZilla.
  • The FTP does not provide you with a listing of current files/folders in your account; It simply provides a space that you can upload files to.
  • After you upload a file, the file will be moved to the root of your file manager. Once moved to the File Manager, the files will be deleted from your FTP directory.
  • If you upload folders/subfolders, the files they contain will be moved to your file manager, but the folder and subfolders will not.
  • Make sure that your FTP client is in passive mode (Reference for FileZilla).
  • The maximum upload file size by FTP is 5GB
  • If a file is pending, deleting it from the FTP will cancel the transfer.

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