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Spring cleaning at RapidShare

As a pioneer in One Click File Hosting, RapidShare has often ventured into unknown territory, to find the best product for its customers. Now it's time to properly clean up the inventor's workshop, because everything that just sucks finally has to go. Immediately and permanently, RapidPro price include all services indefinitely. This means:
  • Your storage space: As of now, automatic file deletion will no longer exist. With RapidPro, your files are saved until you delete them yourself!
  • Your Traffic: From now on, it is absolutely unlimited. TrafficShare included. It’s that easy!
  • Your data transfer rate: We have polished up our software! Uploads, as well as downloads, have been successfully carried out at 500 MBit/s per stream!
  • Your safety: Politics call for the complete monitoring of all internet users. We protect you with automatic SSL-encryption.
Have fun with the new RapidShare: Finally, everything is easy again!

Data storage
- Storage
- Time of availability
- Max. filesize
- Administration
Transfer of files
- Speed
- Upload capacity
- Download capacity
- Parallel transfers
- Broken transfers
Tapping protection
- File management
- File transfer


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