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Best Ways to bypass Facebook

Some countries prevent user login to Facebook. How to connect to Facebook.com ? Here are some tricks help you pass through all the limits:

1) Use TOR Project

2) Use proxy or socks tools and sites: UltraSurf or GhostSurf or Hotspot Shield or FreeGate
+ Sites:
http://adf.ly/108962/fb1 or http://adf.ly/108962/fb

3) Edit your hosts file: facebook.com www.login.facebook.com login.facebook.com apps.facebook.com graph.facebook.com register.facebook.com vi-vn.connect.facebook.com vi-vn.facebook.com static.ak.connect.facebook.com developers.facebook.com error.facebook.com channel.facebook.com register.facebook.com bigzipfiles.facebook.com pixel.facebook.com upload.facebook.com register.facebook.com bigzipfiles.facebook.com pixel.facebook.com logins.facebook.com facebook.com www.facebook.com graph.facebook.com developers.facebook.com error.facebook.com register.facebook.com blog.facebook.com channel.facebook.com connect.facebook.com bigzipfiles.facebook.com

4) Try Google or other DNS with "HTTPs everywhere" add-ons in Firefox

Google DNS:

Proxy DNS:
HTTPS everywhere:


Note: If you do not like HTTPs everywhere, you can use "Force TLS": https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/force-tls/

5) Use Add-ons
Opera: Enable Turbo mode
Ctrl + F12 > Web pages > Opera Turbo > On
Firefox: anonymoX
Chrome: Stealthy

6) Use the VPN, VPS services (softwares) Hotspot shield, CyberGhost VPN

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