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Finding friends all over the world with RapidContact


With RapidContact we have added a tool to our new website which lets users get to know each other and communicate with each other. With this feature RapidShare makes the world a little smaller as from now on users can find other users with similar interests and come into contact with them, no matter where on earth they are. The seamless integration with RapidShare offers millions of people new and unprecedented communication possibilities.

On Thursday, October 7th, we will start with a beta version of RapidContact. At first, only RapidPro users with VIP status are eligible for the service. We will send participation codes to all VIP users on Thursday.

Together with the users we will then test all functionalities and develop the application further during the beta phase.

Those who want to be among the first users of RapidContact should make sure they are given the exclusive VIP status until Thursday. Users are granted VIP status when extending RapidPro for 12 x 30 days instead of a simple 30 days extension. In addition, users receive a 7 percent discount when deciding for this long-time extension of RapidPro.

RapidContact could not be easier: Users can find each other through a simple search. In every profile there is a field called "find me". If you enter the word "dancing", for example, in this field, then all other RapidContact users who search for "dancing" themselves can find and come in contact with you.


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