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False reports confuse RapidShare customers

March 29, 2010
During the last couple of days some e-mails created confusion, imputing illegal activities to the recipients and stating that RapidShare was collecting data against the Privacy Policy for legal purposes. The e-mails also advised the users to seek legal council. These emails are faked and did not originate from us. If you have received such a message, please contact our support, because your Premium Account might have been "phished". The fake e-mails are sent to keep you from contacting us.

In fact, nothing has changed at RapidShare over the last days. We are still not collecting any information about which user downloads which files. We are still successfully fighting in court against requests to open or scan our customers' files, be it by our staff or by use of content recognition technologies. We are still defending data privacy rights on the internet.

Of course, you still have to comply with our terms and conditions. If content owners bring to our attention that some of our customers have obviously distributed pirated copies of their content repeatedly or at a large scale, we reserve the right to close these accounts without previous notice.


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