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Changes in the handling of RapidPoints

July 1, 2009
As you know we are constantly trying to improve your experience with RapidShare. This includes simplifying our system, fighting fraud attempts and, of course, improving your benefits. In order to accommodate those needs, we have modified the way we count the RapidPoints generated by Premium Users. There is no 255 points limit per day anymore. This means, you can get an unlimited number of PU RapidPoints per day. The PU RapidPoints will not be stored separately, but added directly to your RapidPoints total, so they can also be used immediately. Every Premium User can generate 10 RapidPoints per day for other users by downloading their files. Those changes take effect immediately. If you would like to see how many RapidPoints and PU RapidPoints you have received each day, please let us know. We consider adding this information as an evaluation feature in the future.

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