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New Rule of Rapidshare prevent Share Public

With some new Rules of Rapidshare, the Private way I share to you (Via Email) is the best way !

If more than 3 IPs login to the account, its going to be BANNED or change password.(Password always change automatically if 3 or more IP login)

Dear customer 8526xxx,
Based on your download logs, your Premium Account 8526xxx was shared with other people. This is not allowed.
It might also be possible that your account has been hacked and other people were using it as well without your knowledge.
To protect us and yourself from hackers, we have changed your password to Abc1de.
Feel free to change your password to something suiting you better.
Please notice that if we detect many different IP addresses in your account in the future, we reserve the right to permanently close your account.
You can check the IPs using your account in the log section of your premium zone.
Best regards,
RapidShare.com - Support

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