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HappyHours for Premium customers

March 19, 2009
We will now implement HappyHours for our Premium customers, so you can use our infrastructure in the best possible way. Currently, the HappyHours will be active from 2 a.m. until 10 a.m. Central European Time since that is the only time during which there is unused bandwidth left. During that time, only 10% of the data volume you download will be charged to your traffic balance. So if you download 300 Megabytes during HappyHours, only 30 Megabytes will be accounted. This applies also if you use RapidPoints or TrafficShare for your downloads.
The amount of unused traffic that can be accumulated has been raised from 12 Gigabytes to 15 Gigabytes.
Please note that this has to be regarded as a test, and we can reverse the modifications or change the time and percentage rate of the HappyHours at any time if neccessary.

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