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Direct Server to Server File Transfer

DIRECTRANSFER.NET is the leading service for server to server file transfer and file hosting. Use our cutting edge solutions to
i) transfer files from one ftp server to another bypassing your computer's hard drive;
ii) host elaborite file libraries on our servers absolutely free;
iii) use http remote uploads to upload files to your account or any ftp server;
iv) share your files with others by simply giving them a file permalink;
v) host images, embeded videos and other files to meet your web-hosting needs. Start by registering a free account with us!

- state-of-the-art equipment to ensure best performance
- 1 GB uplink to guarantee high network connectivity
- broken jobs resume automatically till finished
- geo-sensitive traffic routes
- unlimited uploads and downloads
- free ftp account with every registration

1. Reg

2. Active your account
Check your email and click to the activation link

3. PL
PL appears beside every file that you upload to your DIRECTransfer.net FTP account. Click on it and a window pops up with the http permalinks to the file. Direct-download links will use your account's traffic for the file downloads. If you do not have enough traffic, the message will pop up and the user will be redirected to the usual download page.

4. Upload
Use FileZilla: http://filezilla-project.org/download.php?type=client

FAQ: http://directransfer.net/interface/faq.html

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