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February 23, 2009
We have received many hundreds of T-shirt designs, and we think this deserves more than just a "thank you". Regrettably, we cannot award prizes to the designers whose T-shirts were not chosen for the Top 10. However, we do not want those many hours of work to be lost unappreciated. Although the jury of more than 40 RapidShare staff members has made a choice now, there's no accounting for taste. Every one of us would have loved to make an own Top 10 selection and to give out prizes. Therefore, we have spontaneously decided to publish most of the designs on our website, except for designs that did not comply with the submission rules. If you suspect your design was lost (e.g. because it was not sent as a RapidShare link to a JPEG image) but you would like to see it in the gallery anyway, you can still send it again until February 25, 2009.

However, the designs we receive now can not be inserted into the Top 10 selection retroactively. 

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