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RsCracker V2.3.5

Step1: Download Tools
Step2: Extract all files to a folder. Run Proxy Leecher
Click to "Start" button> Wait ...> Click to "Save" button and save to new text file. E.x: prx1.txt

Step3: Run RsCracker
> Click to "Load" button on the "Users" group> Select to Userlist file. E.x: UsLt_Name_k3lvinmitnick.co.cc.txt
> Click to "Load" button on the "Proxies" group> Select to Proxy file. E.x: prx1.txt

Step4: Options> A lot Options, but I check to "Name as password". Set Sockets from 100 to 7000. Final, click to Cracker button to come back again to background.

Step5: Click to "Start" button.
When it loop to 2nd times, click to Cracker and click to "Send to Cracker" button: Use Good proxies & Your crack be faster.
Cracked group will display all the cracked usernames. Now you can use it as your own !

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1 Respones to "RsCracker V2.3.5"

April 4, 2009 at 5:59 AM

mr K3lvin Mitnick,im from indonesia, i already download ur rscracker and try it.but idont know why is not working.error found.something about range....
i do everything same with yuor tutorial.but its not working.
i know his is because im so dumb, and not know about hack.
so can u help me.and will u give me rapidshare akun. its ok if its secure or unsecure.
ok.this is my first email for u. ireally hope i can be ur friend.i love to be a smart people like u.
thanks before. send the reply to my email : [email protected]
nice to meet u.

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