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Kaspersky Trial Reset for all versions


Kaspersky 2009_Trial Reset (Vista32)
Kaspersky 2009_Trial Reset (Vista64)
Kaspersky 2009_Trial Reset (XP32)
Kaspersky 2009_Trial Reset (XP64)

You can reset Kaspersky any time you want with this crack.
This crack just delete the registry keys/files that deal with the licensing.
There is no need to delete the old key.

Steps to reset Kaspersky 2009

1. Disable Kaspersky's "Self-Defense" feature. To disable the "Self-Defense",
right click on Kaspersky's tray icon and select , ,
(on the right side under "Self-Defense") uncheck .
2. Exit Kaspersky.
3. Execute the crack and Wait for Kaspersky to prompt you to activate
(Kaspersky should start by itself). If Kaspersky doesn't start by itself,
then try to start it manually or just restart the computer.
(The crack will automatically exit without executing if you don't do step 1 & 2.)
4. To uninstall, just delete the file.
NOTE: If you get an "activation server is unavailable" (or no internet) after executing the crack,
try disabling/enabling your ethernet card.
(This is the problem with the software and not the crack.) Also, don't apply the crack while Kaspersky is updating.

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