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Happy New Year !

December 31, 2008
As every year, we have prepared our RapidPoints special for attentive readers of our news page. During the first hour of 2009 (Central European Time), you can convert 3333 RapidPoints into a new 30 days Premium account or a 30 days account extension.
What else will 2009 bring? Of course, our quest for the Holy Grail of complete customer satisfaction will continue. Being the biggest online storage provider, we see it as an interesting and important challenge to understand and implement our customers' wishes - without rushing it or losing sight of the consequences. We are confident that we will approach our goal step by step during next year. Firstly, more and more people use RapidShare, which is why we will upgrade our infrastructure again soon. As early as in the first quarter, our internet connection will exceed 500 Gigabit. Furthermore, the Premium zone will be redesigned. Administrating your files will be much easier and more comfortable, and you will be able to arrange your files in different folders just as on your local hard drive. Additionally, many processes are switched to a new fully documented API - which you will not notice if you just use RapidShare as it is, but if you happen to be a programmer, it might be highly interesting for you. In any case it means that in the future, there can be upload/download and management tools with many more functions than before.
We eagerly anticipate a great year, in which we hope to present you the best RapidShare of all times.

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May 23, 2009 at 1:06 AM

u r the gratest RS password founder and with high rank in google :)

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