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RapidShare Security Lock

Why should I activate the Security Lock for my Premium- or Collector's Account?

By locking your Accounts, you prevent the access by unauthorized third parties to your files, your password and email address, and to your RapidPoints. When the RapidShare-Security Lock is activated, the menu items "Settings" and "Convert RapidPoints" are locked and files can no longer be moved or deleted. All other functions remain available.

How does the Security Lock work?

From within your Premium- or Collector's Zone, click on the red lock, located at the top left. You will receive a notification asking, if you want to secure the Account. When completing the steps, the system automatically sends an email to the email address provided by you, containing the access code. Please keep this access code save. You will need this code again when accessing the above mentioned feature the next time. Please also ensure that before activating the security lock, you provide a valid email address. You can easily notice if your Account is locked or not, be the colour of the Security Lock: Green denotes "locked", red denotes "open".

What can I do, if I have forgotten my Release-Code?

Log into your Premium- or Collector's Account and click on the Lock. You will receive the instruction to enter the security code. Directly underneath this instruction, you can request a new code.

I have logged into my Account. The Lock is active, even though I have not activated it. What can I do?

Your Account was possibly locked by another person. Please contact our Support.

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