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Transfer between Premium and Collector Account(s)

From October 23, 2008, RS was upgraded a lot Rules.
Special, You can Transfer to Premium or Collector Account.

Here's HOW:


Step1: Connect to your Collector account (https://ssl.rapidshare.com/cgi-bin/collectorszone.cgi)
Step2: Under the link that you want 2 transfer, click to "Transfer to Premium Account" > Sign on with your ID, PW (Premium Account) > Press to "Initiate transfer" button.
Step3: Press "OK" button to continue
Step4: A new window will open and display your result
Step5: Connect to Premium Account and you'll see a new link.

Similar to "Collector to Collector", Pre to Pre ...
Note: On the buton of transfer page, you can see the link to transfer all links.

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