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Top 7 reasons to say no to iphone 3G

1. Lack of instant messaging : Yes MSN/Windows Live Chat, Google Talk, AIM, ICQ, Facebook are useless for you if you have iphone.It don’t have any inbuild IM Chat Client.So please buy iphone if you want to miss all that.
2. Blocks free software : All the open source lovers and developers are warned that apple completely blocks free software. Developers have to pay a tax to Apple if they wants to develop application for iphone 3G.So please buy iphone if you want to suffer from this.
3. Flash doesn’t work : Apple iphone doesn’t have adobe flash player installed so you can’t view flash enabled websites.So enjoy iphone if you want to miss your games and applications build on flash.
4. Apple may track you: With its licensing and GPS application iPhone may exposes your whereabouts and provides ways for others to track you without your knowledge.
5. iphone doesn’t play patent and DRM free music: Yes its true iphone only players mp3 and AAC formats it don’t have any support for patent and DRM free formats like Ogg Vorbis and Theora.So enjoy iphone if you aren’t aware of this and this is not in your business.
6. Lack of “Cut and Paste” feature: The best feature of iphone is to copy and paste long texts,sentences,phone no contacts etc.It will ease our work by many times that what we call “smartphone”.Iphone doesn’t have this feature so please go and enjoy your ride over iphone 3G if you want to miss this feature
7. Same unupgrade camera: iphone 3g camera can’t cope shots in low-light and still have no flash.More over their isn’t any video recording capability either, even though this has been found on simple phones.You please enjoy your smartphone which can’t have basic features of simple phones.

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