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Easy Rapidshare Points-Get Premium Account 100%

Easy Rapidshare Points is a software for premium account users
to download their own 1MB file to gain their premium points and
renew their account each month for free.

-With Easy Rapidshare Points, you can gain as much as 43,000 points a month.
Easy Rapidshare Points is the best way to get a rapidshare account and also quite useful for premium
account holders as they increase their points too.
-All u have to do is up load a 1 Mb file the one u have uploaded and paste the link in Easy Rapidshare Points and so u will be able to add to your points tally.
- Even though I have added the Serial, its not required as this a completely patched version. The Serial is just a back up, just incase you are ask ...

This updated version of Easy Rapidshare Points includes:
-Deletes cookies after every download for you!
-Requires Installation and serial number!
-New, sleek and professional design.

[Download - Easy Rapidshare Points V3.0]

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