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[How To]Change Internet IP without Unplug Modem

This TIP help you change your Internet IP (not IP) without Turn Of (unplug) your Modem.
With this TIP, you can download RapidShare, Megaupload without limit ...

Step1. Connect 2 http://k3lvinmitnick.googlepages.com and see your Internet IP (not IP).
Step2. Connect 2 your Modem Configuration Page. E.x:
- I use Zoom X5 ADSL Modem,
- I type on Start/Run/ http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx (xxx is different on each PC)
- Type user, password 2 logon
- Click 2 "Advanced Setup" TAB
- Click 2 "Reboot"
Step3. Wait your Modem Reboot. When your PC is online, do Step1 again to see the change of your Internet IP.

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Reboot Modem

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