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SwishMAX 2007 Build 24.07.2007

The Ultimate in Flash authoring with 230 new effects, a Javascript-like scripting language and support for dynamic content and input forms, SWiSH Max has everything you need to create fully interactive Flash animations. At only $99.95, SWiSH Max is outstanding value!
Bundled with over 230 built-in effects.

Effects make animations with text, images, graphics and sound simple and quick to produce.
The ability to author and distribute your own effects.
All effects can be added to multiple objects at once.
No coding required! All interactivity can be added through a simple menu interface.
Advanced scripting capabilities through SWiSHscript.
Script editor which allows advanced user to enter scripts directly.
Debugger that simplifies finding and fixing errors in your scripts.
Advanced set of drawing tools provided including: Line, Pencil, Bezier, Text, Ellipse/Circle, Rectangle/Square and AutoShapes.
Complex Shape editing options making it easy to modify your shapes.
AutoShapes that make adding and editing complex shapes like 3D cubes a breeze.
Guides, grids, and alignment tools.

With Amara Menu and Button Maker you can create professional Adobe Flash Player compatible buttons and menus that can be inserted into any website in a snap. create navigation bars, drop-down menus, scrolling menus and sub menus in minutes for your website or Flash project.
– Amara Menu and Button Maker is extremely user-friendly, you will understand how it works immediately. No Flash or programming skills are required.
– Amara Menu and Button Maker allows you to create Flash menus with an unlimited number of buttons. You can also add sub menus and each button can be scaled up to the length of the button text entered.
– Amara Menu and Button Maker has a wide range of buttons and menus you can choose from to fit your web design, e.g. 3D, glossy, 2D, or a simple flat button. On top of this, you can choose your own color to match the specific color of your website. The possibilities are endless.

Flash Decompiler is a powerful SWF to FLA converter with functionality to decompile Flash movies, convert SWF elements into multiple formats and replace them on the go. With an ease of one click you can store sounds, images, videos, shapes, frames, morphs, fonts, texts, buttons, sprites and ActionScripts from any SWF file directly to your hard drive. You can export Flash Video to AVI and FLA, save sounds as WAV and MP3, images - as PNG, JPEG and BMP, texts as RTF, TXT and HTML. Flash Decompiler by Eltima lets you convert the whole SWF file or only shapes, images, sounds, morphs and texts into FLA. Projector EXE files are decompiled the same easy way as common SWF files. Flash Decompiler will give you detailed information about shapes, images, morphs etc, also tracking their placements in frames and sprites and even reflecting original names of frames, ActionScripts and sprites.

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