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Download Megaupload Files With Free Account By Hand

I post this TUT for everybody can download Megaupload files with free account by hand (without any tool)

Reboot Modem - k3lvin.key.as

Step1: Open your browse (I like to use FireFox). Download Megaupload SX Add-on, install it. Restart your 5Fox.
Step2: Tools > Megaupload 3 > Enable.
Step3: Type the megaupload link that you want 2 download. E.x: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=32816LR0
Step4: Type Code > Wait > Click to "Free Download" !

After completed,
Tools > Megaupload 3 > Disable. When ever you want 2 download other files, Enable it.

- If you don't want 2 wait, Install TiX Now! add-on
- Download unlimit by "Restart your Modem without unplug": Start > Run > Type the IP that can connect to your modem > OK > Type us, pw to access > Click to "Advanced setup" > Press "Reboot" (with Zoom ADSL) !

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