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4T Tiny Tools

40 Tiny Tools. Tiny but useful !

Theme readme generator (200k)With this program you can create and save a HTML readme file for your selfmade desktop theme in no time. Just browse for Logo, Wallpaper, Zip file etc. write some comments and press ok. The theme file will have the wallpaper as background and include some comments and (sorry about that) links to some sites.

Subnet Calc (200k) you can calculate a subnet based on an IP adress plus the subnet mask. The method used is the one introduced in the Cisco ICND (Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices) course. The calculator displays the decimal - and the binary values.

The Encrypter (25k) from ElmueSoft encrypts a text with a passphrase and puts the result into a HTML file which you can send as an email attachment to anyone who has a browser that supports JavaScript. The receiver does not need to install any software. Texts encrypted with Encrypter can be read on a PC, Mac or Linux! The security depends on a good passphrase. (Like with PGP's self decrypting archive).

Multi File Tool (17k) This tool from ElmueSoft works on a folder (and its subfolders) on your disk:
  • set the attributes of all files and folders. (Read-only, Hidden, Archive, System)
  • change the date of all files and folders.
  • create a list as text file of all files and folders.
  • calculate the MD5 signature of all files.
  • list binary and text version of all EXE and DLL files.
  • search for duplicate (triple...) files.
  • also via network.
Changing the date of all files in a folder is very useful for archiving purposes: If you set all the dates of your MP3 files e.g. to the 1.1.2000 00:00 you will recognize the files, which where added since the last backup by their different date.

LAN Online Checker (4k). This tiny tool is interesting for everbody using the Windows Internet connection sharing. It shows an icon and a message, if another computer in the network has connected to the internet.

TweakUI (80k) offers a comfortable GUI to change hidden system settings which you normally only can change by editing the registry :
  • Automatic Log-on at boot time (also network log-on)
  • Switching off the autostart of CD's
  • Mouse settings, repair functions, boot settings....
  • Changing Locations for "My Documents", "Program Files"....
  • Turning off system icons on the dektop (Network Neighbourhood, Recycler, Internet Explorer...)
  • Turning off the shortcut arrow for desktop icons...

TinyURL soft 1.01: Make long url short, fast from your desctop. Hide your affiliate url.

Autorun 1.0: Autorun is a small app which enables easy menu making for cd autoruns. All is easy just look in starter.ini

FastCopy 1.63: The Fastest Copy/Delete Software on Windows.

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