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Tips 'n' Tricks 2 FIX Windows

If your PC or LAP can't run by a small error, you can ask support or expert. But you are alone in your home or offline, you can read these TIPS & TRICKS to FIX your PC. All in this TOPIC are my experience and I want to share to all.

Don't think to Setup or Ghost Windows again, plz read these Tips 'n' Tricks first, your Windows can run !

Check all Cables, Powers, RAM, Mouse ...
1. RAM, any cable don't connect or power can't turn on, all these reasons can make your PC can't Start. Check & Plug them again.
2. An CD or USB can't boot (unbootable) will make your PC can't start. Remove them before boot your PC. Setup your CMOS again
3. Load default configuration: General we use Del (delete) button to access CMOS setup. May be it's F1 or F9, F10 button. E.x (In my LAB): Del/File/Restore defaults
4. Turn on Auto Numclock
5. Load CD first
6. Remove Virus Alert

Backup your data (in MS-DOS) first
7. Use Hiren's Boot CD (Download newest version -V9.2- HERE) to burn data in Ms-Dos.

Use Safe mode (Press F8)
8. Load "Last known good configuration (your most recent settings that worked)"
9. Remove nearest applications or drivers that make your PC error: Start>Settings>Control Panel>Add or Remove Programs
10. Turn off System Restore
11. My Computer (Press right Mouse) > Select "Properties" > Click to TAB "Advanced" - Click to Settings in "Starup and Recovery" group > Uncheck all
- Select None in "Write debugging information"
- Error Reporting > Select "Disable Error Reporting"

Control Startup
12. Start>Run>Type SYSCONFIG>Click to TAB "Startup">Uncheck to any task if you don't want it's auto run.

Remove Virus
13. Run McAfee (full scan)

Remove Spyware
14. Run Spyware

Updating ...

if YourPCStillError then RestartYourPC unless GoToNextStep
Anybody have problems with your PC (download, startup, install ...), Chat with me via Y!M: dafvp or email [email protected]

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