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Secure PC - Internet Explorer (P2)


Last post, i gave to you a lot TIPS for secure.
And now, secure your Internet Explorer.

Read and write your comment.

Start > Run > Type GPEDIT.MSC

Local Computer Policy
- Computer Configuration
-- Administrative Templates
--- Internet Explorer
+ Turn off the security settings check feature: If you ENABLE, the security settings check will not be performed.
+ Turn off managing phishing filter (Supported on IE7 only): If you ENABLE, the user will not be prompted to enable the phishing filter.
+ Do not allow users to enable or disable add-ons: If you ENABLE, users cannot enable or disable add-ons through Add-On Manager.
+ Disable changing connection settings: If you ENABLE, the Settings button on the Connections tab in the Internet Options dialog box appears dimmed.
+ Turn off tabbed browsing (Supported on IE7 only): If you ENABLE, tabbed browsing and related entry points will be disabled for Internet Explorer
+ Prevent the deletion of temporary Internet files and cookies: If you ENABLE, users will not be able to delete temporary Internet files and cookies.
---- Internet Control Panel
+ Disable the Security page: If you ENABLE, it prevents users from seeing and changing settings for security zones, such as scripting, downloads, and user authentication
+ Disable the Advanced page: If you ENABLE, users are prevented from seeing and changing advanced Internet settings, such as security, multimedia, and printing.
----- Security Page
------ Internet Zone
+ Run ActiveX controls and plugins: If you ENABLE, controls and plug-ins can run without user intervention.
+ Allow file downloads: If you ENABLE, files can be downloaded from the zone.
+ Java permissions: If you ENABLE, you can choose options from the drop-down box. Custom, to control permissions settings individually.
----- Advanced Page
+ Automatically check for Internet Explorer updates: If you ENABLE, Internet Explorer checks the Internet for a new version approximately every 30 days and prompts the user to download new versions when they are available.
+ Empty Temporary Internet Files folder when browser is closed: If you ENABLE,
, Internet Explorer will delete the contents of the user's Temporary Internet Files folder when all browser windows are closed.

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October 31, 2007 at 5:39 PM

Toi rat thich blog cua ban,
Mong co nhieu bai viet lien tuc ...

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