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Web Applications - Config, Tips & Tricks

>> Tip to Auto Play

Click to a sound link > Here < , after copy the code, you see AutoPlay=no

-> If I want it auto play, change AutoPlay=Yes

- This tip can config on other sites with a lot changes.
- Other links after href="" you can change it direct to your link.

>> TIP to download
Some websites manage music by Playlist. E.x: Esnips.com, Imeem.com ... You can find a direct link and download it easy with these steps:

Step1: Connect to music links. E.x: I connect to this link: "VietKim99-MP3"
Step2: Click to "Add to QuickList" button to Add any files that you want to Listen
Step3: Click to "Listen to PlayList" to listen all that files
Step4: Each time you select another song (files) IDM (Internet download manager) will detect the direct link and automatic download that song for you !!!
Enjoy IT, that's a perfect TIP I found.

>> Hide Online Status
In Yahoo! Messenger, you can option to hide your online Status by this TIP:
Connect to this link: http://profiles.yahoo.com/, type id and password to signin
Check to "Check the box to hide my online status (online) from other users"
P.S: If you have a nick like fpt01 in Y!M, your profile is http://profiles.yahoo.com/fpt01

>> Edit in BlogSpot (Blogger)
If you can see pencil icon (Quick Edit icon) in your blog edit page, to enable it, you can use these TIPS:
- Click to DashBoard > Posts > Edit
- Log out (turn off) your browser > Log in (turn on) your browser again.
- Type something in "Search blog" box > Enter to Search

>> Copy text from Image
Select that Image > Ctrl+C > Open notepad.exe or winword.exe > Ctrl+V

>> Enable DIRECT LINK to Download
When we're download from websites, you can add some characters (Number and Text) to the end of that address will make you a DIRECT LINK to download.

Example 1: I want to download RatioMaker application from this address:

http://www.moofdev.org/passdld.php?url=/download/ratiomaker_0.5.1.122.zip -> I must wait some seconds before download.
But, if I add "&skip=true" to the end, the file will enable to download immediatly !http://www.moofdev.org/passdld.php?url=/download/ratiomaker_0.5.1.122.zip&skip=true

Example 2:
Default link: http://www.greedytorrent.com/downloading.php
Added link: http://www.greedytorrent.com/downloading.php?agreed=1

Enjoy IT ! You can use these TIPS with other websites !!!

>> Read all links in website via google search
Connect to google.com > Type in the search box any site you want to read. E.x, I type:
site: http://k3lvinmitnick.blogspot.com/ -> See all links in that website.
Or, you can type from Address bar this link, after that Enter (Go):
Change k3lvinmitnick.blogspot.com with any site you want to read via google search !

>> TIP to Protect Virus
Transfer your file via Yahoo Mail, it will protect by Symantec

>> Connect to a PC
If you can't connect to a Sharing Folder in your LAN, you can use this TIP:
- Click to "Local Area Connection" and Install > Protocol > NWLINK IPX ...
- Connect via IP (not PC name). E.x: You can't connect to file://PC1/Share1, but you can connect to that folder with: file://

Start > Run > Type REGEDIT and Press OK or Enter > Open to this KEY:
HKEY_USERS\Control Panel\.Default\Keyboard
Add this key: InitialKeyboardIndicators (String Value). Modify it to 2.
Note: Value 0 = Turn Off.

>>Increase volume Thousands of MP3 Files
Use MP3Gain. Download here

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