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Windows Vista - Install, Config and All

* Uninstall Windows Vista on a Singleboot system

Note: Applies to all editions of Windows Vista.

You cannot uninstall Windows Vista. However, you can change the code that starts the operating system (often called the master boot code), and then remove Windows Vista from your multiboot system and return to Windows XP or Windows 2000. You will need your Windows Vista installation disc for this procedure.

  • Now boot of your XP CD
  • Boot into recovery console by pressing "R".
  • Type command "FIXBOOT C:" (No speech marks)
  • Next type "FIXMBR", read serious warning messages and press "Y" to continue
  • Exit and reboot.
  • Finally edit Boot.ini and delete line with "Longhorn" or "Vista" on it and delete the folder Vista resides in.
Other way:

1 - Press "Enter" when prompted to start set-up.
2 - Press "F8" to accept the EULA.
3 - Press "Esc" to start XP installation process.
4 - Press "D" key to delete anything on the partition you are intending to install XP on (note - make sure to review the highlighted partition to verify that you are working with the correct partition).
5 - Press "Enter" to continue.
6 - Press "L" to verify that you indeed want to proceed with deleting the selected partition data.
7 - Review the type of format highlighted (Raw Format is the default, and is recommended for a true clean install).
8 - Press "Enter" to start the formatting process.

Once formatting is completed, Set-Up will copy the files to the Windows directory, reboot, and proceed with installing the XP operating system.

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