How to boost Probux earning

Probux is the best PTC website. It's the first choice when you want to increase your mmo, it's very stable, never have problem with domain name, payout very fast.
In this TUTorial, we'll discuss about the way to boost your probux income.
First, you need to Rent Referrals: Click to My Account then click to Rent Referrals link ( ), select your Referral pack and commit;

TIPS: Do not Rent at Weekend, TUE or WED is the best; Wait to special days to rent: National day, Birthday ...

Second, you need to Manage your Referrals daily: Recycle all the Referrals that have AVG not larger than 1.6 (with standard account).

Re open your Neobux account (Resolved)

You have violated our terms of service
2.8. Only one account per computer is allowed to view advertisements
Step 1: Prepare to write e-mail content to's supporters. You can use THE FOLLOWING template (I succeeded with that content)
Step 2: Email to THE FOLLOWING email-address
Step 3: Waiting ...

Note that NEOBUX do not earn much more than PROBUX. In the list or TOP PTC SITES, Probux is the best. With the same Referrals you was Rent, Probux get more money. Do you know why ? HERE is the answer.

How to create a Hiren Boot CD in 1 minute

Hiren's Boot CD is a bootable CD that contain a lot of system tools to fix your OS, remove Virus ...
In this TUT, i'll show how to create a Hiren Boot CD in a minute.
1) Download the Original File HERE and Extract ISO
hiren's boot cd -

2) Add files to above folder then click to "Make ISO"

3) Final, burn that iso file to use
hiren boot cd -

Up 2 the TOP level in Farmville2 less than 1 minutes

Method 1:
Array of bytes
Scan: 04 63 61 73 68
Change to: 04 62 61 73 68
Then Up level without completed building or do any tasks; You can buy anything Free
hack farm

Method 2

Download Hack FarmVille2 Coins, Farm bucks

You can change 10000 to 20000 or st like that, but do not change to a big Xps, your Farmville 2 will be Crashed. Use this method to buy everything with 0 coin (In this TUT, 45000 to 0).

Get billion coins, water ... in a minute

With Farmville2, you can use this way to boost your level and more ...

This's the newest method till now that do not waste your time to plan tree, make feed day by day

Farmville 2 farm


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